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Facts about Charles-Augustin de Coulomb

We all know that like charges repel, while unlike charges attract such that the force is between these charges is proportional to the product of the charges and inversely to the square of the distance between them. This law is known as Coulomb’s law. But how much do we know about the person who stated […]


Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Homesick When Studying Overseas

It is not easy being away from your family, especially if it is the first time. Joining overseas exchange programmes might be exciting, but you also worry since this is a new experience for you. The first thing that you need to fight is homesickness. For the first few days, it could be challenging. You […]


A level Chemistry Tuition for a successful career

Successful career options like Chemical engineering, Medicine, pharmaceutical, dentistry all have one subject in common, i.e. Chemistry. Due to the growing importance of chemistry in every field, lot of students opt for chemistry in their A level examinations. A level chemistry tuition classes are very crucial to understand the concepts and basic fundamentals of the […]


What children gain from Primary School Maths Tuition?

It is often seen that the children whose parents put them for primary school maths tuition are better with their basic conceptual study and are much smarter in answering all kinds of questions in their class. At Come Fly With Me, the learners are given excellent notes and examples for complete understanding of applications and […]


Encourage the students with H2 chemistry tuition

For H2 chemistry tuition the high school students are encouraged to work more in their important final years, still young and relatively incompatible, often requiring success, there is a loss of self-deception for a healthy work-friendly maintenance. While they are taught good values, such as the importance of hard work to establish and achieve them, […]


Get a better understanding of physics

Students are uncomfortable with subjects that they find difficult to understand and physics is one such subject. With the school teachers always being in a rush to complete the syllabus, it takes a toll on students to understand the concepts all by themselves and this is why they falter. Instead of struggling and making your […]


Things to consider while conducting math tuition for primary school

Experienced mathematics teachers use many metaphors that include metaphors and many examples. Rather than keeping them in mind, they teach that at all stages, tuition sessions are more attractive and supportive for students with the right knowledge. This approach is not only simple but interesting, except that the tutorials should have a convenient personality and […]


Which Means You Think You Are Able To Tutor?

Within our reality TV obsessed culture I’ve found myself wishing there is a motion picture to demonstrate who had been the best tutor! I’d enjoy being a contestant! For me personally tutoring is becoming less concerning the money I earn (despite the fact that it’s a terrific way to earn extra cash) but much more […]


How Good Is Really A Market Survey For The Business?

In any sort of business, what’s one component that can totally ruin the performance of the operation? It’s the unknown, obviously. There are many stuff that will go wrong once the unknown is included in the company equation. You might have the best company, probably the most sources, and also the best trained personnel, but […]