Learning Chinese: Speaking Versus Writing

Lots of people have requested me, how did I start learning Chinese? My mate becoming an adult was Chinese. I began learning Chinese and so i could talk to his mother who could not speak British. It had not been easy because the language was very strange in my experience! It sounded similar to singing with lots of tones. Some sounds required a longer period that i can learn. I later discovered that china I had been learning would be a dialect of Cantonese. Cantonese has 9 tones and it is quite different from other ‘languages’ of Chinese. Later I found that Cantonese may be the earliest dialect of Chinese. What impresses me about Chinese? Chinese writing or Chinese figures are what separates it all other languages. Chinese may be the only language used today which comes from pictures and it has no alphabet! Chinese figures come from pictures from 5,000 years back. Most people don’t even understand that there’s no alphabet within the Oriental.

My mate began showing me Chinese figures and that i grew to become very wondering crafting. At first I had been not able to keep in mind crafting the pictogram or character. Later I discovered a magazine that described the way the Chinese figures evolved! It had been quite interesting however i was lucky to obtain the book that provided the savvy on writing Chinese figures. Locating the correct books is essential while studying any subject. It which helped me to comprehend the most was, “Chinese Figures: Their origin, etymology, history, classification and signification”. This book was compiled by a Jesuit priest. Another book I made use of was, “Read Chinese” by Fred Wang. Years later I required a training course in Chinese Calligraphy and also the professor was by using this same book to educate Chinese figures. My pal requested me eventually to consider a training course in Mandarin Chinese given in a church school. Since he did not know Mandarin he thought it might be a great experience for all of us to understand together. Chinese speech is extremely different since there are many ‘languages’ and sub-‘languages’ but Chinese writing typically is identical! There are several Chinese figures which are regional or archaic. The Mandarin instructor explained to locate a Chinese Calligraphy teacher. He was impressed which i was utilizing a Chinese brush to create my training. Taking his advice I discovered a college known as China Institute which was near my job in New You are able to City. I registered for 2 courses: Cantonese and Chinese Calligraphy. This is where I discovered that my pal really was teaching me his village dialect or sub-dialect of Cantonese. Now I had been within the course that trained standard Cantonese or even the language from the town of Canton! When talking at school, my teacher would let me know that i’m not speaking standard Cantonese however a popular county sub-dialect.

Many people ask me what you ought to learn: Cantonese or Mandarin. Mandarin may be the national language of China, Taiwan and Singapore. Today many people discover the national language and many overseas Chinese learn Mandarin in Chinese school. Cantonese continues to be popular where there’s large a population of Cantonese people. These folks are available all over the world ever since they were china that first embarked from China! Anywhere where money might be made, the Cantonese went. After I was becoming an adult 80% from the Chinese were Cantonese and 80% of these were in the same county speaking a sub-dialect in addition to Standard Cantonese if educated.

I rapidly recognized that knowing Chinese figures had important benefits. It is good so that you can speak Chinese what occurs when someone does not understand you? If you’re able to write, everybody understands. All Chinese may be unable to talk to one another however they all can see exactly the same Chinese writing. I’ve even used Chinese writing with Japanese and Koreans. I discovered my favorite Chinese book with my Japanese friend inside a book shop just searching around. I learned just a little Japanese from my Japanese friend. I needed to understand how Japanese and Chinese were related. Written Japanese uses Chinese figures along with a phonetic system which was also produced from Chinese. Koreans initially used Chinese figures until a Korean emperor invented the Korean alphabet. Most educated Korean can write their names in Chinese and know many figures.

Chinese Calligraphy is the skill of Chinese writing. Calligraphy is presented having a special writing utensil known as a brush. Many western people love calligraphy being an talent. Japanese and Koreans also highly praise Chinese calligraphy. The writing could be enjoyed and something does not even need to understand how to speak the word what. Many non-The chinese today enjoy learning Chinese calligraphy. Many don’t not really be aware of meaning in British. Others cannot pronounce it! Many people choose to speak while some choose to write, you function as the judge. I challenge you to definitely a minimum of to test it, you may enjoy it.

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